Facials by Francesca´s

Using the NuSkin range lay back... Relax and enjoy our one hour facial, starting with a cleanse, tone and exfoliate, then enjoy a 20 minute face, neck and shoulder massage which will give you a lovely glow to the skin which is an obvious testament to improved blood flow.
An acceleration in lymph action is less visible, but you can assume that if your face is a richer colour the lymph has also been stimulated, since it vessels run closer to the surface of the skin, in the longer term, a fluid lymph system shows in a resilient immune system and a bright complexion. Half of the lymph nodes in the body are in the neck, so unblocking them has an immediate effect on the facial skin. Once the massage has come to an end, your therapist will apply apply a mask to you face and neck of which they will choose to improve concerns of your skin.

The facial will then come to an end, finishing off with a personalised moisturiser and eye cream which is massaged into your skin, leaving your skin feeling completely fresh and yourself feeling very relaxed.


1 Hour - £30