Eyelash Extenstions by Francesca´s

Eyelash Extensions By Francescas mobile beauty

Specialising in Individual Eyelashes, made of a Silk Material, Naturally curved to imitate your natural lashes. Any effect is possible, Choose from the three choices below to decide which look you are looking for:


Eyelashes will be extended to create the look like you have used the best mascara money can buy! There will be no need to wear mascara, with these. The overall effect will be natural looking while making the eyes look very pretty; no one will ever be able to tell you have lash extensions on, although expect a lot of compliments, perfect for everyday wear and/or special occasions.

Full on Glamour:

Eyelashes will be fully extended, up to 14mm. Also made to look thicker for a full on false eyelash effect, people will compliment on your eyes every day. There will be absolutely no need for mascara. Full on glamour is perfect for special occasions or for those who want very flirty lashes. Flicks:

Are just the thing for a subtle yet sexy look, lashes will be made longer and placed on the outer eye area to create a widen look to the eyes. Eyelashes will appear fuller and longer, ideal for those who are new to eyelash extensions or want to trial them before your Special Day!


Full Set(Natural or Glamour) - £45

Flicks - £25

Infills - £20